I look forward to sharing random thoughts on the following areas:

  • Zen – As a way of life
  • Buddism and other spiritual bits n bobs
  • Vegan and Vegetarian treats
  • Animal Rights & Activism updates
  • Wellness & Sanity survival tips
  • Cat-a-tonic – Blog Posts from Tchaikovsky, the Ginger CatIMG-20121228-WA0000
  • Daily Contemplation Cards
  • Focused Tarot Readings: Using Earth Cards (on request)
  • Yoga and Healing
  • Living with Chronic Illness (focus on CFIDS / ME and Chrons)
  • Poetry
  • Rough Book Notes
  • Lots of useless information on a plethora of topics
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Updates to follow

Currently updating Blog, sorry about Long period of silence!

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